Iceland Stopover Tour

per person

Stop over tour begins at Keflavik intl. airport around 7:30 am. Our first stop is for a refreshing breakfast (of your own choice, cost not incl. in price) to have a good start before the upcoming day and exploring the Reykjanes peninsula.


After breakfast the tour takes you around spectacular landscape of moss covered lava fields, dramatic dormant volcanoes and colorful, spouting and smelly geothermal areas.


The Reykjanes peninsula is a highly active volcanic and geothermal zone with at least 200 different lava flows and volcanic activity that reaches from the Reykjanes ridge south west of Iceland all the way up Hengill mountain at Thingvallavatn lake.


On the tour you will see many different types of lava fields, the last flow was in 1240. You can see the difference when it erupt under ice or open air. On the tour are many photo stops and a bit of outdooring to keep you awake. You will see racks of dried fish or “stock fish”, have a look into a “shark shack” where the famous “Hákarl” fermented shark is produced and taste Hákarl and Brennivín, the Icelandic schnapps.


You can have about 2 hours for bathing in the Blue lagoon spa before you go back to the airport in time for you departure.


Payment: You can pay as you meet the guide with credit card, Icelandic krona, Euro or US dollars.
For more information email Thorsteinn (
or call +354 820 5750