Arrival tour Iceland

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey with Our Arrival Tour in Iceland!

Private tour for Individuals, families and groups.

Arrival tour for passengers arriving at Keflavik airport and layover-stopover passengers waiting for a connection flight.

The Salty Arrival Reykjanes tour begins at 7:30 am at Keflavik airport and your first stop is at a nearby Hotel where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast for about 40 minutes.

From there we head on to the magnificent and rural part of Reykjanes peninsula with its rugged coastline, moss-covered lava fields, volcanoes and history.

The Reykjanes peninsula offers scenery as spectacular as anywhere in Iceland. A brief drive brings you to dramatic Lake Kleifarvatn with its bubbling hot springs and colourful solfataras of Seltun. You will cross dramatic lava flows along the Krýsuvík Coast going to the south shore fishing village of Grindavík– of Blue Lagoon fame.

We will continue further west to the Reykjanesviti Light House, migratory birding cliffs, and a walk across Iceland’s Bridge Between 2 Continents traversing the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The tour ends at the unique Blue Lagoon spa. At the Blue Lagoon, you can decide how long you want to stay in the bath and other facilities.


The tour begins at the airport terminal at about 07:30 or when are done with custom service, the breakfast if needed is at a nearby Hotel.

Rugged coastline, lava fields and a bridge between two continents

Colourful geothermal clay hot spring solfatara Krysuvik Seltun

On the tour, we look at Lake Kleifarvatn and the hot spring area of Seltun, Krysuvik. We also have a look at the rugged shoreline with black sand lava beaches and dramatic sea cliffs. On the tour, we will have many stops for photographing and short walks for stretching our legs. Our next stop is the Bridge between Two Continents where you can walk from Europe to America in just a few steps and get the feeling for the action of the tectonic plates. That action and the hot spot under Iceland are the main reason for the existence of Iceland.

We have about 2 2-hour visit at the Blue Lagoon where you can have a bath and rejuvenate and relax before going to your hotel. The tour takes about 8 hours.

Sunrise at lake Kleifarvatn

Note: Meet the guide at the arrival hall inside the Terminal, the guide will hold a sign with the name SaltyTours. The admission ticket to the Blue Lagoon is sold separately as we arrive there. Most visitors are enthusiastic about enjoying the bath at the Blue Lagoon but some people just want to take a look around.
Included: pickup from the airport, guided tour, and admission to museums.

Payment: You can pay with a credit card, Icelandic krona, Euro or US dollars as you meet the guide.
For more information email Thorsteinn (
or call +354 820 5750

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