Volcano and Lava Day Tour

Private guided tour on the Reykjanes peninsula on a comfortable SUV 4×4 that can be customised for you.

red and yellow colors at Seltun Krysuvik geothermal sulphur mine

The tour takes you to the youngest part of Iceland which is mostly covered with lava flows from recent times, there are many geothermal spots to be found a rugged coastline with fishing villages and the Blue Lagoon spa.

Highlights on the Reykjanes (Nes is a peninsula in Icelandic) are:

  • The charming fishing town Grindavik, the first settlers came in the year 934 and there we take a lunch break at Bryggjan cafe they are world famous for Lobster soup.
  • The world-famous Blue Lagoon, one of 25 wonders of the world according to National Geographic, visit for bathing has to be booked in advance.
  • Moss-covered lava fields, 50% of Reykjanes is covered with lava that flowed about 900 years ago
  • Visit Seltun Krysuvik geothermal boiling colourful hot springs and mud pools
  • The Bridge between two continents where you can walk from Europe to America
  • The lighthouse of Reykjanes toe and dramatic coastline and sea cliffs
  • Gunnuhver geothermal crater and home to the ghost Gunna
  • The Lake Kleifarvatn dramatic landscape

Sunrise at lake Kleifarvatn

The volcanic landscape of the Reykjanes peninsula

The Reykjanes peninsula offers scenery as spectacular as anywhere in Iceland. A brief drive from Reykjavik brings you to dramatic Lake Kleifarvatn with its bubbling hot springs and colourful solfataras hot spring of Seltun, Krýsuvík. You will cross dramatic lava flows along the Krýsuvík Coast going to the south shore fishing village of Grindavik– of Blue Lagoon fame for a lunch break.

After lunch and about 40 minutes stop we continue further west to the Reykjanesviti Light House, migratory birding cliffs and have a walk across Iceland’s Bridge between two Continents traversing the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

The last stop on the tour is one of the 25 wonders of the world according to National Geographic the unique Blue Lagoon spa. Bathing in Blue Lagoons’ warm and healing geothermal seawater is an energizing experience. A visit to have a bath at the Blue Lagoon must be booked in advance.


We drive through the charming Elf and Lava town of Hafnarfjordur and moss-covered lava fields. The first stop on the tour is at the breathtaking Lake Kleifarvatn and the colourful hot spring area of Seltun, Krýsuvík for about 20 minutes.

As we follow the thrilling lava-covered south shore to west our next stop is the fishing village Grindavik. We go around the working harbour and learn about Icelander’s life at sea. We will stop for about 40 minutes for lunch or walk on the harbour

After lunch, we will drive along the peninsula and visit Gunnuhver, Iceland’s most powerful steam crater and the South-Westernmost point of Iceland, Reykjanes toe. We will stop for 20 minutes at the Lighthouse and the birding cliffs at Reykjanes toe.

Sea stacks at Reykjanes sunrise

The Bridge between two continents

Our next stop is the Bridge between 2 Continents where you can walk from Europe to America and get the feeling for the action of the tectonic plates. That action is mainly the reason for all the eruptions and the existence of Iceland.

The visit to the Blue Lagoon can be customised depending on when it is possible to book the visit at the Blue Lagoon for bathing in the milky blue seawater for rejuvenating and charging your energy

Note: The admission ticket to the Blue Lagoon has to be booked in advance. Most visitors are enthusiastic to dive into that amazing geothermal seawater at the Blue Lagoon but some people just want to take a look around and enjoy the view.

Book the tour by email tgk@saltytours.is or call +354 820 5750.